Some Fresh Grocery Finds


Here are some fresh finds I've been loving lately....
I don't know if this is new but it was new to me at Trader Joe's. It's hearty and delicious!
This salsa is our new favorite. We're on our second jar of it. It has a slightly smoky-spicy flavor and is really good paired with...
...these Longboards tortilla chips. We really like the shape of these chips and they are perfect for dipping.
Dairy free peppermint mocha creamer--and it's unsweetened?! Yes, please!
College Girl recommended these Roasted Plantain Chips, after a few mishaps, I finally found the right ones. They are so good dipped in hummus.
These should be good for some holiday treats.

We found this shelf stable riced cauliflower at Costco. I'm excited to try it!
I found this soup at a local store so I'm not sure of it's availability but for local peeps, Luhv foods has killer soups and this one was delicious too!

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