Summer Days


 Hello! Good Friday morning! Today dawned cloudy and cooler, not unlike most days here in Pennsylvania so far this summer. Flynn took these photos early one morning this week, beautifully showing a typical June morning in our little part of the world.

The weather so far has been more springlike, without the rain. We need rain here, and although each day brings the forecast of showers, we typically see a few sprinkles here and there. Our morning swims in the lake will wait, so until then, we are making due.

This week we celebrated a couple birthdays with some special people. My super sweet friend Heather had a birthday, and we met for dinner. We, of course, managed to wear matching tops and sweaters. Like from the exact place matching. Loft, if you were wondering!

And finally, we celebrated one of Peyton's friends from childhood, Grimace! Did you know McDonald's is celebrating his birthday??? Peyton has always loved Grimace, so we were happy to have lunch and try his birthday shake. Well, they did! Reports are it is delicious. Like a vanilla and strawberry mix?

Before I go, I want to answer a few questions from my last post about my cozy kitchen. 

~ I used the vegetables to make an easy pan of seasoned vegetables to go with dinner last night. I chopped up a white potato, a sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, a pepper, an onion, zucchini, and carrots and drizzled them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and Mrs. Dash. Then I baked them for about an hour at 375 degrees. The one thing I have learned is to cut the vegetables roughly the same size so they cook evenly.

~The electric kettle is a favorite! Peyton had one and told me how much she loved it. Now we have one and love it too! It heats the water up so quickly. We use it every single day.

~The mat in front of the sink is a cushioned mat that doesn't slip. It also keeps my feet from getting sore. I am trying to remember where I found it, but I am sure Walmart would have something similar.

Well, that is about all, my friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your people. Tonight we plan on visiting my mother with one of her favorites, a strawberry milkshake. Sunday, we celebrate Steve and remember our amazing dads on Father's Day. And in between? Well, I will give you a couple hints...

Yep! We are heading to Pittsburgh to see Taylor Swift! Last November, Madison, Nicolas, and I spent an entire morning maneuvering the Ticketmaster website and were able to get tickets! Madison has been a faithful fan since the very beginning. She has been talking about this tour since before it was even announced. I am so excited for her and am looking forward to a fun evening! I will report back here on Monday.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Thanks for visiting!

Billie Jo

( Era Tour Photos from Google. )

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