Trader Joes Haul #1


I will be going poor now that Little Rock has a Trader Joes! I will be creating a post for all of my hauls from now on and will try to keep up with linking new recipes with the items Ive purchased as best as possible!

I have not officially tried everything on this haul yet. It was so overwhelming going in because of the newness to the store (so it was more crowded than the state fair). But if you follow up with my recipes page, you will soon get to see what is to come of these awesome finds!

Purchased on this trip was:

  • Stuffed Gnocchi which the recipe for this is linked & I will try to come back & always add in the links as I cook each one
  • Chicken Chow Mein I am dying to try this & it will be tonights dinner, so this should be up by tomorrow
  • TJs Cold Brew these were the perfect size for a boost of energy they already come with a little bit of milk & these particular ones were french vanilla flavored so 10/10 recommend
  • Aged Cheddar Cheese this I actually sampled at the store with apple slices & NEEDED it right after. It is amazing with wine & sausage
  • Feta Cheese this I used in the stuffed gnocchi as a topping
  • THE OAT NONDAIRY BEVERAGE IS A MUST FOR EVERYONE holy cow is it good. in my opinion, almond milk plain always tasted like cardboard (dont ask why I know what cardboard taste like, I just do) also the perfect substitute for milk or cream if you are looking to cut back on dairy
  • Goat Cheese & Sun-dried Tomato Ravioli I will definitely be coming back to link the recipe when I cook these!
  • EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL SEASONING IS ALSO A MUST let me tell YOU! I have obviously added this to my bagel cream cheese, but I also sprinkled it over my breakfast burrito, my scrambled eggs, my omelette, even some tomato slices I cut up as a snack and it is the bomb. Such a universal seasoning everyone needs.
  • Riced Cauliflower this hasnt been used yet. I seen some recipes of a spanish rice style cauliflower rice that I am dying to try, but one dinner at a time, folks! ;)
  • Brussels Sprouts these are hiding underneath the cauliflower rice. A sweet friend of mine is sending me a recipe to use these in the oven. Ive never actually tried these, so wish me luck!
  • The Miso Soup Broth I am definitely going to let you in on how my miso soup goes because not pictured** is the tofu packages I purchased which will be used for this!!!
  • & Last, but certainly not least Everything But The Bagel Smoked Salmon holy moly is this stuff the bomb. Id never actually tried raw salmon like this outside of my sushi rolls, and if you also havent, you are MISSING OUT. I toasted some wheat bread I had on hand & coated a generous amount of cream cheese, sliced tomato, sliced avocado, & the smoked salmon the best!!!!! I didnt need to use my seasoning on this because the salmon came pre-seasoned.

I have to admit, this store was a lot more than I was expecting & I dont mean price-wise. I was expecting outrageous prices for the same things they sell at Whole Foods, and boy was I wrong. I also bought bananas .19 cents each. The tofu? Purchased like three packs because they were $2.00!!!!!! That oat milk? Like $2.00 as well. A lot of things you wouldnt find at any other store * for the price to just try something at home incredible. They carry so many things I didnt even get to half of the things I went looking for because these things all spoke to my heart (and hunger) the most. I will for sure be getting different things now that I know what to expect & try.

P.S. I would love your feedback. I want to know what everyone else is trying in case Im missing something others are seeing at TJs.

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