Vegan Mashed Cauliflower (Buttery & Low Carb)


Vegan Mashed Cauliflower is sobuttery & creamy! Roasting thecauliflower first infuses a depth of flavour and ensures for a solid mashed cauliflower texture. Its infused with roastedgarlicand is anincredible side dish option!
Years ago, I tried making mashed cauliflower and hated it. Years later (thank God) I decided to try again but with a different method this time I would roast it. Well friends, Im here to tell you that this Mashed Cauliflower is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal! You need, neeeeed to make this dish. Itll totally change the way you view cauliflower (if you dont love cauliflower) or make you fall deeper in love with it (if youre like me and already love it)!
Let me be clear. I am not here aiming to make mashed cauliflower a mashed potato replacement. I love mashed potatoes too. They are two totally different vegetables and I feel deserve to be treated different as a result. For example, I would never try and roast a potato before mashing it. Sometimes when I do these recipes that also happen to be low carb people can view them as me bashing the other. No way!
That being said, if youre looking for a low carb option for your holiday table and beyond (or before like tonights dinner), mashed cauliflower is here to save the day. Its buttery, creamy, smooth and light while also the delightful flavours of roasted garlic infused into it. Its like a whipped dream come true. My personal favourite way to enjoy it is hot with my favourite gravy on that.

How to make Mashed Cauliflower

Making mashed cauliflower is pretty straight forward. First, you need to cook the cauliflower in a way thatll make the mashing process easier. I didnt boil mine but instead roasted mine. I felt it added a lot of depth of flavour and textural elements to it. You could of course boil yours though.
Then, dont let it cool. Add in the hot cauliflower, melted hot butter and hot coconut milk and seasonings into a food processor and blend. Blend blend blend. I blended mine until it was nice and smooth and creamy, which was about 3 to 5 minutes straight for me. Unlike potatoes, the chances of your cauliflower getting gummy are low, so as long as youre keeping as eye on it, it should be fine. By the way, it doesnt taste like coconut milk. It tastes like heaven.

Tips for making the best Mashed Cauliflower

  • Hot tip roast! I really loved this process because I also feel like it eliminates the potential for your cauliflower to be runny (cringe we dont want that at all!!).
  • Amp up the seasonings. If you want yours way more seasoned, add more seasonings! Whatever you usually add to your mashed potatoes you can add here.
  • Dont overmix. While I ran my food processor for a long time to see if I would have any gummy issues and didnt, dont over mix. Mix it until its the consistency you desire, and no longer.
I hope you enjoyed this dish friends! Mashed cauliflower is a great low carb side dish option and of course, mashed potato alternative if you need it! But truthfully, its just plain delicious. I did my happy dance in the kitchen every time I heated it up. You know my happy dance matters. Eat up and enjoy friends!

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