Vegetarian Barbecue Isn’t a Threat to Brisket


vegetarian bbqA stout wooden skewer steadied the massive tower of a sandwich in front of me at Sugarfire Smokehouse in Dallas. The basic construction was familiar enough—two patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a brioche bun—but the patties were smoked portobello mushrooms. The melted American cheese draped over a massive mushroom, all nestled in a pool of burger sauce, made me appreciate that vegetarians can be gluttons too. The sandwich, which I could barely fit my mouth around, was proof that there is common ground between vegetarians and any self-identifying carnivores.  For barbecue-joint owners, smoking vegetables just makes business sense. “It’s my fourth top-selling item,” Cade Mercer of CM Smokehouse in Austin says of his smoked cauliflower, one of a wide array of meaty options.…View Original Post

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