127 Really Good and Bad Pizza Shop Name Ideas


Trying to figure out what to name your pizza place? We got you covered.

The name of your pizza shop is one of the most important early decisions you’ll make in the business. Why? According to the industry research company Statista there are over 77,000 pizzerias operating in the United States alone. A differentiated brand name and product is the foundation that helps you stand out from the abundant competition.

To help brainstorm ideas, we’ve organized the list of pizza shop names by theme below so you can easily sort brands by preference. We’ve also provided a list of names to avoid at all costs. Please, don’t use these on a business you’ve invested your hard earned savings toward. Ready to finally feel good about your pizza brand? Let’s dig in.

Pizza shop themes: 

pizza average ticket

Increase in average ticket sizes for pizza chains. Click here for our full industry report. 

Pizza by the Slice Names

Sometimes you only want a slice… Not the entire pizza. These sorts of quick-serve restaurants can work well in shopping malls, college campuses, or airports where there’s built in foot traffic but no need to feed the entire family.

  • A Slice of Heaven
  • Slice as Nice
  • Your Slice of the Pie
  • Portion Pizza
  • The Pizza Wedge
  • Sauce and the Slice
  • Single Helping Shop
  • The Perfect Cut
  • Cheese Wedge
  • Slice and Dice Pizza

Deep Dish Ideas

One of our personal favorite styles of pizza. The deep dish has thick crust, an abundance of sauce, cheese and toppings. This is the sort of meal you need a nap after enjoying. These are the sort of names that suggest thick.

  • Deep Ocean Pizza
  • Thick as Thieves Pizza
  • Fathomless Slice
  • My Thick Pizza
  • In the Thick of It Pizza
  • Bottomless Pizza
  • Deep Cut Pizzeria
  • Heavy Weight Pizza Restaurant
  • Thick Tony’s Pizzeria
  • Colossal Crust
  • Boundless Crust
  • The Gaping Pie
  • Plump Pizza
  • Infinite Slice
  • Big Momma’s Pizzeria

Industry Report: 63 New World Statistics and Consumer Trends

Thin Crust Ideas

thin crust pizza

The thin crust pizza is preferred by most Americans.

According to industry reports, 61% of Americans prefer thin crust pizza over the alternatives. As a result, specializing in this type of pizza can make you a lot of dough.

  • Skinny Guys Pizza
  • Thin to Win
  • Super Thin
  • Wafer Thin Pizza Shop
  • Lightweight Pizza Co.
  • The Slender Slice
  • Slim Parmesan
  • Narrow Cheddar
  • Small Fry Mozzarella
  • Wafer Pizza

Wood Fired Pizzeria Names

wood fired pizza

Wood fired pizza in the oven.

Regional Suggestions

There are a couple savvy approaches you can use to come up with a unique pizza name using a region. First, let’s say you’ve selected Chicago-Style for your menu. There are all sorts of references you could make to identify this type of pizza like “The Bean Pizza” referencing a famous landmark in the city that locals will understand. By calling out regional characteristics or landmarks you naturally make the style of pizzeria unique.

You don’t need to pull ideas from places that are known for their specific style of pizza, however. You can also pull ideas from cities, counties or landmarks near you too. One good example is Lisa’s Pizzeria that serve’s “Wisconsin Style” pizza with a cracker-thin crust. No matter where you live, you could come up with a distinct style that matches the tastes and food of the area.

  • Temecula Pizza Company
  • Maine Pizza
  • Boston Style Pizza
  • California Pizza Group
  • A Slice of Nevada
  • The New Mexico Pie Shop
  • Canadian Bacon Pizza
  • Twin Cities Style Pizza
  • Grand Forks Gourmet Slice
  • Rough River Pizza Canoe
  • First Ave Slice
  • My Maine Marinara
  • Mozzarella in Massachusetts

American Pizza Ideas

pizza out of oven

Pizza doesn’t need to be touched after it leaves the oven.

Pizza may have come from Italy, but it was perfected in the United States of America. Whether you want to demonstrate patriotism with your pizza or specialize in a certain regional pizza this is a proven approach to naming a business.

  • Patriot’s Pizza
  • Uncle Sam’s Pizza Pie
  • All-American Pie’s
  • President’s Pizzeria
  • White House Pizza
  • Wood Fire White House
  • Lady Liberty Pizza
  • Stars and Stripes Pizza
  • One Nation Under Pizza
  • A Slice of Freedom
  • Fourth of July Pizza
  • First Amendment Pizza
  • Founding Father’s Pizza
  • Grand Canyon Pizza Shop
  • Pledge Pizzeria

Personal Names

Not creative at all? Don’t worry. There are plenty of good pizza joints named after the owner. You too can have a restaurant that includes your name like the ones listed below!

  • Patties Pizza!
  • Uncle Bobs Pizzeria
  • Pat’s Pizza Palace
  • Ned’s Castle of Crust
  • Louie’s Margarita Pizza
  • Stu’s Red Hot Pizza by the Slice
  • Dave’s Delicious Pizza
  • Jessica’s Best Pizza
  • Ava’s Awesome Pizza
  • Brenna’s Slice

Trendy Pizzeria Name Ideas

global pizza

Pizza is timeless.

Language changes over time. What’s cool one year is lame the next. Be careful when selecting a trendy name for your pizzeria because it could go out of favor within a couple of years or months. As a business owner, you want your pie shop to be timeless!

  • GOAT Pizza (Greatest of All Time)
  • Shade Pizza
  • Basic Pizza
  • Good AF Pizzeria
  • Salty Pizzeria
  • Lit Pizza Shop
  • Fire Pizza Company
  • Fake News Pizza Port
  • Turnt Pizza LLC
  • Woke Pizza by the Slice

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Really Bad Names

Use these brand names at your own risk. Most of these are downright terrible so we don’t recommend it.

  • Pickled Pizza
  • Happy Crack Pizzeria
  • Golden Showers Pizza
  • Herpes Pizza (This was evidently, a real restaurant that closed down. Learn from their mistake!)
  • Jerkin’ Pizza
  • Flat Line Pizza Shop
  • La Du Du
  • Pew Pizza
  • Last Dinner
  • Legalize Marinara
  • The Dough Show
  • Pizza Reheat
  • Pithy Parmesan

Funny Pizza Shop Names

Sometimes humor or puns can be an effective way to attract the attention of customers. But be careful, there’s a fine line between being funny and downright offensive. You don’t want to be so far out there that you attract attention for the wrong reasons… Anything but your product.

  • I Love You To Pizza’s
  • Cheesus Crust
  • Slice Slice Baby
  • Cut My Life into Pizzas
  • The Yeast We Could Do
  • The Pizza Diet
  • We Love Every Pizza You
  • You’re The Missing Pizza
  • You Wanna Pizza Me?
  • You’re a Pizza Work
  • Another One Bites the Crust
  • Pie Hard
  • Pizza Pi

Pizza Party Names

pizza value

Have pizza… Will party.

Want your restaurant to feel more like a pizza party? Well… We’ve got you covered.

  • Pepperoni Party
  • Pizza Box Painting
  • Culinary Cardboard
  • Mozzarella Mash
  • Marinara Bash
  • Pizza Box Puzzle
  • Big Pi Party
  • Pizza by the Slice Scavenger Hunt
  • The Pizza Plank (Pirate Themed Party)
  • Scary Pizza (Halloween theme)

Market Analysis

pizza average ticket

Increase in average ticket sizes for pizza chains.

The future looks bright for the pizza industry as a whole. The market research company Technomic reports 83% of consumers eat pizza at least one time per month. That’s a lot of market share to grab hold of.

But while there’s strong consumer demand, it doesn’t mean opening a new joint will be without challenges. This is an industry wrought with major competition and big chains with serious marketing budgets. If you want to stand out, you’re going to need a good overall strategy and business plan to break through in your market. Here are a few basic ways to accomplish this goal:

Differentiated Product: Making a pretty good pizza just isn’t going to cut it any longer. You’ve got to find a way to differentiate yourself from everyone else in your town that folks already know about. One approach is to find unique ways to make your crust. Maybe you could be the first to offer cauliflower pizza crust or a tortilla crust in the city. You could also find unique toppings that aren’t available elsewhere. Before you open any business, you need to understand what makes your product different.

Focus on Delivery: Takeout and delivery represents the biggest amount of spend in the pizza industry according to industry reports. Dine in is a nice option to have, but your bread and butter will be customers that eat at home. Make sure you’re active on food delivery apps like GrubHub, especially in the early days of the business. You can build your business on the back of new delivery platforms that other local business owners might not want to deal with because of fees.

Emphasis on Marketing: There are all sorts of ways you can stand out from local pizza shops with a little bit of marketing creativity. Most establishes places won’t put much effort or emphasis on getting attention through social media. You can utilize the cheap advertising on these platforms while it lasts to get recognized in your local community.

We hope this post helps get your imaginative juices flowing for a pizza shop name. If you’re serious about getting into the restaurant business, don’t forget to sign up for our Food Business Startup Kit. It’s free and includes all sorts of bonuses like a business model canvas and menu cost spreadsheet.

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