Farro salad — the best yet!


Farro, 1 c, rinsed

Apple cider, 1 c

Bay leaf

Rinse farro and put in pot with bay leaf, apple cider, 2 t salt, and 2 c water. 

Bring to boil covered, then simmer covered for about 30 mins until tender. 

Drain and spread on sheet pan to cool. (May want to chill a bowl for assembly if you are in a hurry!)


radishes, sliced thin

Cauliflower pieces or cherry or grape tomatoes, halved

Basil, parsley and/or mint — a very hearty amount (choose parsley or basil)

Pistachio nuts, chopped

Feta or parmesan, shaved


Lemon juice

Good mustard (or skip)

Olive oil — 4 x lemon juice

Salt & pepper

Mix vinaigrette into farro with cheese and pistachios. (This can sit for 4 hours at room temp, or in refrigerator overnight. Bring to room temp before proceeding.)

Add arugula, herbs, tomatoes (or cauliflower), radish and fold in together. Sprinkle on Maldon salt. 


Charlie Bird’s Farro Salad by Melissa Clark, in NY Times cooking

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