Instant Pot Potato Soup


For all of our bickering, in grade school my two younger sisters and I united around one, critical point of view: when Mom let us pick where to go for lunch, the correct answer was Panera. My go-to order: the baked potato soup (in a bread bowl, obviously). Years later, I still have a serious soft spot for potato soup, although these days, my first choice is this healthy, easy Instant Pot Potato Soup.

Instant Pot potato soup made without cream cheese and served in a bowl with croutons

Velvety rich, creamy, and cheesy just like the Panera soup I loved (and OK, I still do), this Instant Pot potato soup is made without cream cheese and without heavy cream, yet it tastes absolutely indulgent. It combines fresh ingredients like potatoes and onion with pantry staples like Knorr Selects Granulated Chicken Bouillon, so its both wholesome and convenient.

Like my go-to classic Crockpot Potato Soup and this surprisingly zippy Potato Leek Soup, this delish Instant Pot potato soup recipe derives its creaminess from the potatoes themselves.

This is a vegetarian Instant Pot potato soup, and Ive added plant-based protein to make it filling. A handful of cheese makes it rich and satisfying, and a special sneak healthy addition will nourish you.

The end result? I like this recipe better than Paneras potato soup. Its just as delicious, better for you, and at less that $2.50 per serving, its a serious money saver compared to eating out too. (more)

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