Maple Cheese Fondue


For this fondue recipe we’ve sweetened things up a bit and added in a touch of pure maple syrup. A little goes a long way in this Maple Cheese Fondue sure to please everyone at the table!

Maple Cheese Fondue
We’ve added a tasty spin on a classic in our Maple Cheese Fondue

My daughter went on a Pathfinders trip to Quebec earlier this month. She was gone for 9 days and it was the longest and farthest she’s ever been from home. To celebrate her return we prepared a Maple Cheese Fondue using pure maple syrup like Cosman & Webb from Quebec.

Sitting around the table with a fondue is a great way to get caught up on life, share stories and have some great conversations with those you care about.

Maple Cheese Fondue
Maple syrup and another special ingredient in this fondue make it a winning combination!

We love our melted cheese nights and are always having friends over for fondue, some who have never even experienced it before.

It’s important to know what ingredients are required to ensure your cheese fondue is phenomonal.

Essential Fondue Ingredients

1) Wine, Beer, Citrus. A cheese fondue needs one of these ingredients to help balance the fat from the cheese. Each of these items on their own pairs nicely with a good cheese so these choices work well.

  • Wine: choose a nice crisp white that is not over powering but still offers good flavour. My go to choices are a pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc which just so happen to be my regular go-to wines.
  • Citrus: fresh lemon juice is your best bet although orange will offer a different experience depending on the cheese you use.
  • Beer: your favourite lager or ale will do.

2) The cheese. A cheese fondue is not a cheese fondue, without the cheese. Any melting cheese will do although a blend of cheese offers much more flavour and bang for your buck as classic fondue cheese like Gruyere and Emmentaler can be expensive.

Maple Cheese Fondue
Maple Cheese Fondue with broccoli dipper

All our recipes are tried and true a few times over before we post. This way we can offer our best tips and tricks.


  • Turn the heat off your burner when you go to add your cheese. The residual heat will melt the cheese and prevent the cheese from breaking. Once incorporated pour into your fondue pot.
  • A glazed ceramic fondue pot is the best pot to use for a cheese fondue. It distributes the heat evenly keeping the cheese the right temp and it’s built to last. Ours is pushing 20 + years.
  • Prepare all your dippers in advance so they are ready to go when your fondue is ready.
  • Ensure your pots, plates and forks are also ready to go.
  • We use salami and pepperoni with a hint of spice to offset the sweet in the fondue.
Maple Cheese Fondue
Maple Cheese Fondue with dippers

Preparing a cheese fondue is a lot easier than you think. With the right tools and ingredients, plus a little prep work you will be ready to get started fondueing in no time!

Are you a melted cheese fan?! Here’s a few of our favourite cheese fondues you can’t live without:

Maple Cheese Fondue

  • 12 oz Emmentaler cheese (grated)
  • 8 oz Gruyere cheese (grated)
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1 cup white wine
  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup
  • 2 oz Whiskey or Bourbon
  • nutmeg, grated
  • fresh black pepper
  • dippers (listed below)
  1. In a bowl mix together cheese and cornstarch until well combined. Set aside

  2. Add wine, maple syrup and whiskey to a large pot. Bring to a simmer, reduce heat and let cook for 2-5 minutes.

  3. Turn off heat. Stir in 1/2 cup of the cheese mixture mixing until all combined. Continue adding cheese in 1/2 cup quantities until all cheese is mixed in.

  4. Transfer to heated fondue pot.

  5. Sprinkle on fresh nutmeg and freshly grated black pepper.

Our favourite dippers for this fondue: granny smith apples sliced or diced into thick pieces, crusty bread cubed, spicy salami or pepperoni sticks cubed, fresh mushrooms, boiled baby potatoes, blanched broccoli, fresh cauliflower.

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