Week 4 Complete!


Well, here it is y’all.  Week 4 is complete.  I stepped on the scale this morning and my total weight loss is now up to 13.4 pounds!

Man, that feels good.  It’s slow, but that means it’s permanent.  It’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.  It’s convenient for me and my lifestyle though, so that’s what makes this one so easy!  I mean, sure, there’s going to be days I struggle with it (Thanksgiving and Christmas for sure), but the important thing is that you have the next day to get back on track and recover.  One cheat day doesn’t mean eternal failure.

That’s a huge milestone for me to learn!

I found a new favorite!

Have any of you heard of the spices from FlavorGod?  I’ve seen some Facebook promos, but I wasn’t really sold yet.  I bought some (okay, a lot) of the spices because I noticed a lot of these are just that – spice.  Nothing extra.  No sugars, no weird things I can’t pronounce to keep it fresh.  Just the spice.

Well, except a couple of have sugar because they are more dessert spices.  So, I figured my first try would be in my shake.  This one is called Chocolate Donut.

Y’all.  Let me say that again, slower.

C . H . O . C . A . L . A . T . E .      D . O . N . U . T .

Do you need more time to debate buying this?


It is L.O.V.E.L.Y.

I put it in my vanilla shake and it was just yum-o-licious!  It’s got less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.  Oh, and the ingredients?

Honey (Sugar, Honey), Cocoa, Cinnamon, Coriander, Cardamom, and Nutmeg

Wait, say it with me.  You can say all of these words.  

Anyway, go get some.  They are DELISH!

Purple Cauliflower:

img_1016I bet if I had not told you that was purple cauliflower, you would have made some assumption that I was a terrible cook and let my cauliflower burn, huh?

Wrong-o!  I found some purple cauliflower and used this and some of the FlavorGod Everything seasoning.  It was pretty amazing y’all!  I did the white cauliflower like I normally do with buffalo sauce (although I think I did add a smidge too much garlic this time because I’m pretty sure every bat near my house is having a near-death experience).  My dogs even looked offended at what I was eating.  It’s like they had this look on their face like “Woman, you stink.”  Sorry, might have overdone it on that one, little pooches!

Shopping at Buc-ees:

So, I told you guys in my last post I got some cool hammered Texas earrings?  Well, here ya are for size comparison.  I just love them!  They aren’t huge and obnoxious, but they are a little bigger than a stud.  Brownsville, Texas seems to fall off my lobe. (That was cute, wasn’t it?)

New Nutrisystem Challenge:

Nutrisystem gives us challenges each week.  This week (well, actually next 10 days) is to log an activity for 10 days straight.  Oy.  Y’all, that means I gotta get up and do something for 10 days.  Well, nothing like the present to get out and be purposeful about doing activity.  I want that badge, after all!  Plus, you get some cool rewards (lower cost foods, free shipping, etc.) from some of these.

Oh, and I guess I have little pup I can take on a walk with me.  This is our most recent rescue, Bonnie.  Bonnie isn’t like our other Pekes.  She’s a Japanese Chin, so she’s pretty energetic!  She loves to walk, so I’ll make sure I spend that time getting activity walking her at night. Should be good for both of us!

For now, that’s where we landed.  13.4 pounds is AMAZING for me, you guys!  I can’t wait to see what happens in another FULL MONTH!  But for now, just checking back in and making sure I actually eat and follow the plan!

Until then…


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