Spicy black bean cakes with roasted veg. 5/24/21


Spicy black bean cakes with roasted cauliflower, cabbage, and leek

This was a new recipe for us on Meatless Monday. I have adapted the recipe and added our tweaks below. John and I have never made a veggie patty before and we were pleased with how they came out. Usually veg patties have a long list of ingredients that make them seem daunting from the get-go but this recipe is less complicated.

You can use any kind of bean you want or even chickpeas for this. (I am thinking that chickpeas would be really good!) It is important to let the mixture set in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes to firm up a little. We were still a little concerned that the patties were not going to hold together because the mixture was really gloppy. By the time that they had cooked 15 minutes they were pretty firm and turned over easily.

Another plus is that you can roast vegetables at the same time because the oven is set at 425F, a good temperature for roasting vegetables. The vegetables that I used, cauliflower, leek, and cabbage were tender and nicely browned after being in the oven for half an hour.

All in all, spicy bean patties were a success. I am sure we will try making these again with a different bean in the future.

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