Emergency Food Lists : Low Carb and Keto


I don't know how you are finding things, but in the midst of Covid 19 shopping and some supplies are not always easy to get hold of. Are there some items you cannot get? Let us know in the comments ...

But if you need to stock up on low-carb and keto emergency food? What should you keep in a low-carb pantry or a low-carb freezer to be prepared and avoid the chaos?

Well Libby at 'Ditch the Carb's site has come up with some helpful suggestions, which I list here. She also gives her reasons why these items have been selected and shares some recipe ideas, please see link below.

Leftovers Are King

Frozen Meat


Nuts, Seeds & Shredded Coconut


Full-Fat Dairy

Canned goods for baking


Frozen Seafood

Frozen Vegetables

Nut Butters

Frozen Berries

Almond Flour

Pork Rinds

Pre-Shredded (Grated) Cheese

Beef Jerky/Biltong

Olive Oil

Frozen Cauliflower Rice




Canned Tuna

Frozen Prawns

Canned Soup

Tomato Paste

Coconut Flour

Canned Coconut Cream

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa Powder

Herbs, Spices, Curry Paste, Salt and Pepper

Why not go across to read more about these suggestions, use this link here

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